We apply a rigorous selection process to be able to respond promptly to the requirements of all customers regarding the quality and quantity of human resources.

Step 1: Learn, analyze and
Assess the needs of our customers: We always consider this to be one of the most important steps that determine our success. We will learn, analyze and carefully evaluate the needs and recruitment process of customers in terms of skills, experience, foreign language skills, qualifications … In addition, we also thoroughly study the environment. schools and working conditions, customs and practices of the host country in order to provide adequate advice to workers.

Step 2: Search candidates: With many years of experience and knowledge of the Vietnamese labor market, a large recruiting staff of 4 labor export departments will deploy our labor search through many different channels. First, through customer requests and evaluation and analysis, our recruiting team will look for suitable workers in the company’s existing data list, and also find resources. labor through the system of Employment Centers of Departments of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs nationwide; through the mass media advertising system …

Our recruiting team will conduct recruitment consultancy, pre-qualification interview and hand-assessment test to select candidates who suit the requirements of customers sent to customers. Our recruiting team always endeavors to provide a list of suitable candidates to Clients up to 15 days after receiving the Recruitment Request from Clients.

Step 3: Recruitment: Within 3-5 days after sending the Candidate List to customers, we will focus the average candidate from 1.5 to 3 times more than the recruitment request. of cutomer
,. We always prepare the best facilities and send experienced personnel to coordinate with Customer Representatives to perform the recruitment in the shortest time and the best quality. In addition, VAN MINH has a team of technical trainers who can recruit according to requirements and standards on behalf of Clients. In fact, many customers trust and authorize us to recruit. VAN MINH committed to performing the recruitment in accordance with the process and standards of the Customer and is responsible for the quality of the employees they hire.

Step 4: Send documents to Customers: After 2-3 days from the time of recruiting, our Recruitment Department will send the recruitment results to Customers via email or air mail. For recruiting jobs performed by VAN MINH under Customer’s authorization, VAN MINH will send additional photos, video clips or 3rd party test results if requested by the Customer.

Step 5: Complete the documents: VAN MINH will support the successful employees to complete the documents such as: passport, medical examination, criminal record … to be able to send to customers in the shortest time to do. visa procedures. VAN MINH’s recruitment department will regularly report the progress of completing the application so that the Customer can control the recruitment progress. The average processing time is about 15 days.

Step 6: Exit organization: After receiving the invitation, status of residence, visa or visa application, VAN MINH will process the visa application for employees at the Embassy of the receiving country. labor. The time to apply for a visa at the Embassy is usually 5 working days (except in special cases). VAN MINH will organize a Training course on orientation of laws, customs and practices of the host country, rules and regulations on labor laws and labor safety of employers (if required). ). For employees who need to improve their work skills according to the requirements of the employer’s working process, VAN MINH will organize for employees to practice improving their occupational skills since the employees complete the profile. VAN MINH will notify the employee’s exit schedule to the Customer at least 02 working days and organize the exit worker according to the schedule agreed with the Customer.

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