. Industry, number of recruited, basic salary:
Industry: ? Chef ?
Quantity: 30 people
Basic salary (before tax): 2,500E (equivalent to 67 million VND)
2. Subjects and standards:
– MEN’S LABOR aged 20 to 35, with experience and understanding of the chef profession
– Good health, no infectious diseases, no criminal record
-Degree Intermediate cooking or more
– Having at least 02 years of experience, paying social insurance at least 02 years or more.
-Priority: Those who have been chefs.
3. Contract term: 03 years and can be extended for 02 years.
4. Rights and obligations of Labor:
– Working at Vietnamese restaurant.
– 08 working days, 1 day off per day.
5. Estimated time of departure: maximum 06 months from the date of submitting the application and completing all procedures, records and finance.
While waiting to learn German, equivalent to A1 or A2 level.
For further information, please contact: ☎️ 02383.757575 or ☎️ 0345.767676

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